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Lesson Five - Extended Writing Part 1

LO: to plan a backstory


Success Criteria:


SC1: I plan setting(s);

SC2: I plan and describe protagonist(s);

SC3: I choose whether I should have an antagonist;
SC4: I introduce some tension, conflict or dilemma;
SC5: I plan a problem that can be resolved in some way;
SC6: I plan how the problem might be resolved (or unresolved);
SC7: I consider possible endings, including happy endings or twists.




Tricky: Use a story mountain (BBC example).


Trickier: Your own choice of planning (see my teaching video).


Trickiest: Story Planner (paid site with partial access) to explore approaches to planning.




Watch my teaching introduction video first (see below).


1) Complete your character map.


2) Choose a planning template for one or more characters.


3) Consider different plots for a backstory.


4) Use your planning template to map out ideas for a narrative.


5) Record your planning ideas on the DB Primary forum.



MODG English - The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

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