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Little Hallingbury


Lesson Six - Extended Writing Part 2

LO: to draft a narrative


Success Criteria:


SC1) I include speech;

SC2) I accurately punctuate speech;

SC3) I write in paragraphs, changing paragraphs to change the speaker, topic, place, time, action or mood.

SC4) I show how my character feels and reacts to their situation;

SC5) I create tension or a problem for my character;

SC6) I resolve that tension/problem to some degree.




Tricky: Complete the task as described.

Trickier: Also, include elements of style that reflect the original book, for example the questions and/or answers (aphorisms) that appear in the book.

Trickiest: Also, include elements in your story that link closely with the book, for example by explaining the personalities of characters.




Watch my teaching introduction video first (see below).


Using and adapting your previous plan, write a first draft that takes your character from a point in the past to their appearance in the book.

Record this on DB Primary, ideally electronically rather than as a photograph (for editing).

MODG English - The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse - Lesson 6 - Drafting a Narrative

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