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Little Hallingbury


L.O. to evaluate and solve variable expressions and equations

L.O. to evaluate and solve variable expressions and equations (algebra)


Trickier: These exercises are your starting points:


T.3 Evaluate variable expressions

T.5 Solve equations with whole numbers


Tricky: If you would like support, try these activities first to 'ramp up' to the main class work:


O.2 Solve for the variable - addition and subtraction

O.3 Solve for the variable - multiplication and division


Trickiest: If you find you master T.3 and T.5 quickly, these are enrichment/extension tasks:


Please either explore Z.1 and Z.2, if you haven't already, or use the diagnostic arena followed by individual recommendations on IXL.


Z.1 Does (x,y) satisfy and equation?

Z.2 Identify dependent and independent variables.


Please only attempt 'Trickiest' if you have already mastered 'Trickier'.


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