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Little Hallingbury


L.O. to solve equations with two variables

L.O. to solve equations with two variables (algebra)


Trickier: These exercises are your starting points:


T.6 Find a value using two-variable equations

T.7 Complete a table for a two-variable relationship


Tricky: If you would like support, try these activities first to 'ramp up' to the main class work:


For this learning objective, there are no suitable IXL questions. Please ask me for more input if you find this too complex. I will look at your attempted answers and give you feedback.



Trickiest: If you find you master T.3 and T.5 quickly, these are enrichment/extension tasks:


The following enrichment/extension tasks include the use of two variables. Please understand that these are only extension tasks following mastery (smart scores of 100). I might only be able to give limited feedback for this. As an alternative, you may choose to use the diagnostic arena and recommendations.


Z.3 Solve word problems involving two-variable equations

Z.4 Complete a table for a two-variable relationship

Z.5 Write a two-variable equation

Z.6 Identify the graph of an equation

Z.7 Graph a two-variable equation


Please only attempt 'Trickiest' if you have already mastered 'Trickier'.

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