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Little Hallingbury


Map - East Anglia

Task 4a - East Anglia




a) In or near which three town can the Observer Corps be found?


b) How many high level radar stations are there on the map?


c) How many airfields can you find? Can you learn anything more about them from the map?





d) Look at the anti-aircraft batteries. Why do you think they are placed where they are placed? Suggest why the number of guns varies for some locations.


e) What do you think the Observer Corps was? What do you think it did?


f) What makes Southwold different from other locations on this map?  




g) If you were in charge of the British Armed Forces, which parts of this map would you be more and less confident about? Where would you want more support and why? How would you place your defences and your airfields? Justify your choices. 

Battle of Britain - East Anglia Map

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