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Little Hallingbury


Map - South East

Task 4b - South East




a) How many balloon barrages are there on the map? Where are they located?


b) What do the arrows on the map show?


c) How many different divisions and brigades can you find? Where are they?




d) How do barrage balloons work? What is their purpose? Suggest a reason for placing them where they are marked on the map.


e) Which locations were within the range of the German bombers? How do you know? What impact would that have had on the decisions British leaders made during this time?


f) Where were the Naval Ports located on this map? How do you think those ports were defended, based on what you can see on the map?




g) Speculate as to why there are so many more airfields in the South-East of this map. Where are they located? Why have they been placed there? Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of placing them where they are.

Battle of Britain Maps - The South East of England

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