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Little Hallingbury


Narrative Writing - Task 2

L.O. to describe an unfamiliar location


SC1) I describe the general setting (zoomed out).
SC2) I describe close-ups to give specific detail (zoomed in).
SC3) My description serves a purpose. It gives the reader information that adds to the story.
SC4) My description shows a contrast (a difference) to the setting back in London.
SC5) For Trickiest: My description is used to help develop a theme.


Your tasks is to develop a description of the place that Lenny has been sent away to. This can include a description of the characters he meets there - and dialogue with them - but must focus quite a bit on the place itself. Try to transport the reader there.




Use the location used in the original version of The Lion and the Unicorn. Use Shirley Hughes's description, the illustrations and your imagination to describe it in detail.




Use a location of your choice. Imagine where Lenny might have been sent to in order to escape the bombing of London. Use your description to show things that worried and bothered him as well as things that interested and intrigued him. There will have been positives and negatives.




Choose the location - either the one used in The Lion and the Unicorn or one of your own - but focus most on developing a sense of home-sickness for Lenny. Show the little details that are different and missing, things that make it hard to be away from home. Describe the scene in general but pay more attention to the close-ups, the details. Link the description to his thoughts, feelings and emotions, and then back to the symbols of the Lion and the Unicorn. Include in this some symbol of hope. Don't make it all negative. Drop in something positive to be further developed later.

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