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Little Hallingbury


Oak – Year 5



In the 2nd half of Summer 2 half term I am delighted to be back teaching Oak class in person (adhering to the 2m social distancing guidelines).  I welcome back the children allocated to Bubble "A" on Mondays and Tuesdays and Bubble "B" on Thursdays and Fridays.


Learning for all Oak children on Wednesdays will continue from home.


You will appreciate that on on the 4 days I'm in school teaching 1 Bubble, I can't be as "present" assisting with remote learning for the other Bubble or for those other children not in school.  Of course I will endeavour to respond as quickly as I'm able to any queries that do come in.


Of course home learning work will be set in the usual way on DB Primary and on this class web-page as appropriate.


All children are very familiar with this - they are really developing as independent, able and self motivated learners. 


Check out the new Geography Project - Lesson 4 - a study of an Italian city/ region.


Also I've uploaded Lesson 2 in our study of Music - Opera - Verdi.


Stay mindful everyone

Mr L cool



Please visit our VE Day pages for activities and lessons

for Thursday 7th May, in preparation for the VE Day 75th

anniversary celebrations on Friday 8th May 2020.


Please also visit individual class pages for further activities.


Summer Overview


Good morning everyone


I have uploaded the Summer 2 Overview for Oak class that we will be following in our virtual classroom from this week


As you will see the new foci are:- 


  • in English the play "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare
  • in History the topic of Crimes and Punishments (to be concluded)
  • in Geography a study of Italy
  • in Maths continuation of the Y5 curriculum 
  • in Science - a study of everyday materials
  • in RE a study of RC in Italy
  • in Music a study of Italian music and musical terms
  • in Language a study of Italian


We will also continue with our ongoing side projects like the Funky Friday Challenges.


I will upload resources to accompany the Overview for all to access


For convenience all of these will be uploaded on DB Primary for the children to access easily


Happy learning everyone and thanks again for all your support, positivity, encouragement and care in these extraordinary times


As always I'm available by email if any parent or guardian wishes to contact me about their child's learning


Arohanui (Big Love)

Mr Lister  cool





Welcome to the Oak Class Virtual Classroom 

Week 2 Summer term

A big shout out to everyone in the Oak community, the children, parents and caregivers, siblings, other family members and friends...I wish everyone good health and uplifted spirits at this challenging time

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone, the children especially, for enthusiastically and energetically embracing the opportunities to learn parents and guardians for helping with "home schooling"...and for collaborating and supporting one another to create a safe, vibrant, creative and caring digital learning platform on DB Primary

This week I have posted a new topic - a class project to Celebrate our NHS...please look at the plan attached...I've invited all the children daily to choose and complete different coloured activities that celebrate different aspects of the NHS and to share their creative efforts with one another on DB Primary

I've also posted a suggested daily timetable to help the children and families supporting them better structure their virtual school's meant to be a helpful guide, not a straitjacket...of course family timetables and length of work flows will bump up against it and rightly so    

Best regards to all

Mr Lister cool

Daily Timetable

Celebrating the NHS

Feel Inside lyric sheet

Haere mai (Welcome) to Oak class 2019-20


Kia ora (hello). 


I'm Mr Lister. 


I'm delighted to be the full-time classroom teacher of Year 5 at LHPS.  


A bit about me...potted history


Personal Bio


  • kiwi (NZer) with an Irish passport (thanks to maternal grandparent)


  • married with 3 children aged 9 to 15 living in Chelmsford so running around all the time!




  • law and politics degrees and ed diploma




  • commercial property and environmental lawyer for 16 years


  • dramatic career change (read "midlife" crisis)...primary schoolteacher for last 8 years (classroom and supply) in NZ and UK


My Pedagogy (teaching practice)


He tangata, he tangata, he tangata (the people, the people, the people).  Relationships are paramount - teacher/child, peer interactions and teacher/parent.  Pastoral care too.  When a child feels safe and supported the real learning can begin.  I like to use the school's principles and values to co-construct with the children what best practice ("rules") look like in the classroom.  I believe children learn as much from each other as they do from their teacher and from their wider environment/ independently.  All of us are a blend of visual, aural and kinesthetic learners so I employ a variety of these teaching styles and tasks to maximize learning outcomes across the curriculum.  I embrace technology as a super tool to make children digitally SMART.  IT is a stimulating, interactive and engaging way to develop independent learners.  I like to make lessons fun, challenging but rewarding.   




Ego docemus, ergo sum  (I teach, therefore I am)


Together, we're going to have a wonderful year...


Ka kite ano (see you)

David Lister

Place Value Rap

Mr Lister's Fave Maths Websites as at Sept 2019

The Matchbox Diary - class buddies making their own matchboxes from a net

What are Oak class doing this half-term...

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