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Little Hallingbury


Pine – Reception

Welcome to Pine Class!


We are the youngest children in the school.


Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Hunt are our teachers. Our primary teaching assistants are Mrs Brichieri-Colombi, Mrs Warwick and Mrs Gilbey.


We are very lucky to have our own garden so that we can play and learn outside, as well as using the rest of the school grounds. We are also very lucky because we have an adventure playground, a stage in the outdoor classroom and a large field to play on. We have scooters and bikes to ride on, toys to play with outside and lots of things to play with at lunchtime.


We have lots of fun in Pine Class and we learn how to do new things too.

We learn how to play together, taking turns and sharing fairly; how to look after each other and all the lovely things in our classroom. Our teacher helps us to read and write, count and do sums, make things in different ways and use computers.

Spring 2 - Term Overview

Phase 2 and 3 Sounds

Phase 2 and 3 Sounds 1
Phase 2 and 3 Sounds 2

Spring 2 - Term Overview

Spring 2 - Term Overview 1

Spring Term Overview

Spring Term Overview 1

Spring Term Overview

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