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Little Hallingbury


Slide 5 - Togetherness


On VE Day, people held big celebrations across Britain. Crowds gathered in public spaces for parades or street parties - to dance and celebrate the end of the war in Europe – even with people they had never met before. It was a time where communities came together.


The largest crowds were in London with one crowd reaching up to 50,000 people celebrating into the night. Huge crowds also gathered outside Buckingham Palace where the King and Queen, their daughters and the Prime Minister appeared on the balcony to greet everyone.


The image shows a celebration parade that took place 8th May VE Day Parade in Hebburn, in the North East of England.

Due to Covid-19, we can't come together, physically, in the way that people did in 1945. However, there are other ways of 'being together'.


Why do you think so many people came together to celebrate VE Day?

How can we 'come together' although apart, during Lockdown?


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