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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

L.O. to develop an awareness of place


SC1) I identify locations referred to in a report.
SC2) I say how different locations relate to one another.

SC3) I visualise locations on maps of different scales.
SC4) I can identify a location on a map or globe.


Task 1a)


Please view the 'World War II Geography Video'. This can be found on a link on the Lime Class History pages



Record the places mentioned in the video. You will need to watch the video several times and pause it to make notes. Please record these notes on the DB Primary forum or on paper. Please scan or photograph hand-written work to send it to me if you can. Try to say how some of these places relate to one another. Which countries share a border? Which countries are separated by water, for example.



In addition to Tricky, start to comment on how the position of countries might have affected the war. For example, what difference might it have made to Britain to be an island?



In addition to Tricky (Trickier is optional), compare the layout and relationship of countries during the war to the present day - for example, what is the European Union and the United Nations, both of which exist today, but not then. NB This is information beyond the videos, so please treat this as optional.

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