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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

Please read the 'The Blitz', a short report text, either below or on the slideshow which can be found here, and answer these questions. The text and questions are taken and adapted from the TES (Times Educational Supplement).


'On the Lines' - direct retrieval questions


1) What was the Blitz short for?


2) When did the Blitz begin?


3) How many cities were attacked between 7th September 1940 and 21st May 1941?


4) How many houses were destroyed during this time?


'Outside the lines' - beyond direct retrieval


5) What does demoralising mean?


6) What does it mean to say that the Blitz did not facilitate Operation Sea Lion?


7) Why did they fail to destroy Britain's war industry?


'Beyond the lines' - make inferences


8) Why was Coventry heavily targeted?


9) Why do you think that the bombing did not hamper British production?


'Between the lines' - compare, contrast, evaluate, justify and apply inferences


10) What prompted Winston Churchill to bomb Germany? What reasons did he have to act so quickly?


11) Look at the map of the bombings in London. Do you think it was a miracle that only around 20,000 people died?


12) In your opinion, why did the operation fail? Which do you think was the most important reason?




The Blitz - Report - Text

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