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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

L.O. to identify challenges and opportunities


SC1) I identify challenges.
SC2) I identify opportunities.
SC3) I recognise that 'mindset' is important in how we deal with situations.
SC4) I suggest ways to approach challenging situations.
SC5) I consider ways of turning challenges into opportunities.
SC6) I consider how to deal emotionally with pressure and challenge.
SC7) I suggest ways to look for the good and the opportunity in every situation.


Task 1


Life creates many challenging situations, situations in which we might feel pressure, situations that we might find difficult, but which also might hold opportunities for us.


Sometimes these situations can be predictable - such as moving to secondary school or having to sit an exam - but sometimes they are unforeseen - such as an accident or Coronavirus.


Often, people who can turn a challenge into an opportunity find they can cope with pressure better. With secondary school, while there will be challenges, there are also many obvious opportunities. Even with Covid-19, though there are many difficulties, much sadness and tragedy that comes from it, there are ways in which we can find positives in the situation too.


Your task is to look at one or both of these very different issues (the move to secondary school and the lockdown caused by coronavirus) and discuss the challenges and opportunities they bring.


Choose one of these situations and explain the challenges and opportunities. Suggest how to make the most of the opportunities.


Choose both of these situations. Look for comparisons (similarities) and contrasts (differences). 


As well as comparing and contrasting these situations, look for a more general pattern. What can we learn from challenges we have already faced in life? How can they help us face future ones and make the most out of any experience we have?

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