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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

The Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Task 1


L.O. to explain the significance of a religious celebration


SC1) I retell the key events of a story from the New Testament.
SC2) I know some of the important symbols associated with a religious event.
SC3) I think about the meaning stories from the Bible can have.
SC4) I consider the impact on people's lives that faith can have.


Please read through the Church of England webpage about Pentecost. I recommend you take notes. You might also like to view one or more of the three videos placed on the previous page. These retell the story of Pentecost in their own way.


On the DB Primary forum, aim to complete one of the following tasks.


1) Tricky


What is Pentecost? What does the word mean and why is that important? Explain what happened at Pentecost, retelling it in your own words. Why does Pentecost matter to Christians?


2) Trickier


Retell the story of Pentecost. While doing so, think about the symbolism - the colour associated with Pentecost, the tongues of fire, the rush of wind. Explain what those things might represent to a Christian. Why are they important? What might the mean?


3) Trickiest


Retell the story of Pentecost through the eyes of one of the Disciples. Show their thought and feelings, their doubts and beliefs. Consider how their faith would have been affected by the experience of Pentecost.

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