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Task 2

Video Guide to Task 2

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L.O. to use interactive maps to search for evidence 


This is a cross-curricular Geography and History task.


SC1) I navigate an online map.
SC2) I 'zoom in and out' to change the scale of a map.
SC3) I develop a sense of location within the British Isles, Europe and the world.
SC4) I look for evidence and link it to a location.


Task 2


1) Please open the interactive World War II maps.
2) Use the navigation tools to zoom in and out and to explore the locations that evidence is linked to.
3) Look more closely at photographic evidence to develop a feel for the vehicles and personnel that could be found in different locations.


You do not have to record anything for this work. However, you might want to grab pictures and take notes of locations. If you would like to, please record what you find in the forum.

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