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Task 2

The Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Task 2


L.O. to consider how belief can be a source of inspiration


This lesson has major elements of Art in it, but the success criteria given here are related to RE.


SC1) I recognise key images and ideas from a religious event.

SC2) I consider how artists respond to religious ideas.
SC3) I think carefully about how religious ideas make people react.
SC4) I look for inspiration in other people's thoughts and beliefs.
SC5) I think about my own beliefs and thoughts with an open mind.

SC6) I look for beauty and meaning in belief - in my own beliefs or those of other people.


You need to have completed Task 1 before doing Task 2. You will not be able to complete this task without an understanding of the story of Pentecost, which Task 1 will give you.


Look at the examples of art inspired by Pentecost and the descent (coming down) of the Holy Spirit.


Study them carefully, thinking about the story of Pentecost and how the art itself makes you feel and what it makes you think. Whether you like the art or dislike it, look carefully. Seek to understand it.




Choose more than one art work (or all of them if you can). What is similar and different about them? How do they show the story of Pentecost? How do they make you feel? What do you thing the artist felt or believed when they created the art? How do they show one or more of the Christian values, such as love, hope, joy, peace, wisdom, creation or friendship?




Choose one or more pieces of art work. How does your chosen art represent Pentecost? How has the artist composed (put together) their art work? What message do you think they are trying to get across? What meaning can you find in the art work? What Christian values does it represent?




Evaluate all or a sample of the art in the gallery. How well does each piece communicate the meaning and values of Pentecost? How is this achieved? Put yourself in the place of the artist. According to the Christian belief, how might The Holy Spirit have been working through the artist?

Art Inspired by The Holy Spirit

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