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Little Hallingbury


Task 2

Churchill’s Speech Task 2


L.O. 1) to perform a speech


L.O. 2) to analyse a speech


Choose the first LO if you have the equipment available and feel comfortable doing this. Choose the second LO if either you don’t have the equipment or you prefer not to perform. Of course, I am hoping several of you will perform this.


Visit the BBC Online Lesson page for teaching input on how

to write a great speech. This is useful in general and if you are

considering working on 'Trickiest'.


Make sure you are familiar with Churchill’s ‘We shall fight on the beaches’ speech. Listen to the broadcast version of the speech (created nine years after the original speech was delivered). Watch a recent film version of the speech performed by an actor. Read the transcript of the famous part of the speech. There is also a full version of the entire speech available (the most famous part came at the end of a longer speech).


Tricky (if you have the equipment):


Imitate Sir Winston Churchill’s speech. Practise reading through the most famous section and record yourself. You should choose the style in which you want to use. You may attempt to imitate Churchill’s grand, powerful tone or you may do it in your own style, but try to keep it full of importance. Don’t rush it. Imagine all of Parliament are listening carefully to you.


Tricky (if you don’t have the equipment or are uncomfortable being heard performing at home):


Write out Churchill’s speech – the most famous section - by hand. Read it through quietly or silently in your head to become familiar with it. If you can, read it quietly alongside a recording of Churchill speaking. Begin to try and memorise it, or parts of it.




Imitate the speech but make additions and changes as you wish. What might you have added to the speech to get the message across? Remember you are trying to encourage the people of the country to pull together as one to cope with hardship. You are preparing them for difficult times to come and giving them hope. You are also trying to get other people – in this case America – to join in and help out. Perform your speech or – if you prefer – simply write it.




You may well want to perform the real speech – as it was written – before doing this as well. If you want to do both, you may take other English lessons in which to do this.


Create your own speech. The purpose of your speech is to show determination and a belief in victory. The purpose is also to encourage people to pull together to support one another. Finally, you are encouraging other people (in this case America) to join in the struggle. Perform your speech or – if you prefer – simply write it.

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