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Task 2a-2c - The Cause of War

Please re-watch the video, ‘Britain Declares War on Germany’. You can find it here.


I have quoted the video in a few places. Please look at the questions related to these quotes.


Think carefully about what you are learning and try to answer the questions below. When there are ‘Tricky, Trickier and Trickiest’ questions, you will need to at least partly answer the Tricky questions in order to answer the Trickier and Trickiest ones. You may choose which level of trickiness to answer.


Task 2a


“After the First World War, Germany was made to give up a lot of its and and paid harsh penalties as punishment.”


Research (Tricky):       


Can you find out what penalties Germany had to pay after the First World War. What was it made to do? What was it not allowed to do? Who decided on these penalties?


Impact (Trickier):      


What impact do you think these penalties had on Germany? What effect did they have? Did they achieve their aim of preventing Germany from going to war again?


Evaluation (Trickiest):


Evaluate the effect of making Germany give up its land and imposing penalties on it. Do you think this was the right thing to do or not? Justify your points of view.


Task 2b


“In 1933, Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany.”


Research (Tricky):


What did Hitler promise to do for Germany? What did he plan to do? What did Hitler believe?


Impact (Trickier):


What harmful things did his beliefs lead to? What impact did this have on the rest of the world? Are there any ways that the harmful things Hitler and the Nazi Party believed and did still have an impact today?


Evaluation (Trickiest):


What do you think it was like to be someone living in Nazi Germany? How would you have felt? How might this have been different for different groups of people?


Task 2c


“Britain was now at war with Germany.”


Research (Tricky):


What were the events that led to Britain declaring war on Germany? When did this happen?


Impact (Trickier):


What impact did declaring war have on British people? How did they react? What were the consequences for people living at home in Britain?


Evaluation (Trickiest):


Was it right to declare war on Germany? Justify your answer with evidence. What could have happened if Britain hadn’t gone to war? What do you think the benefits and harm of war were? What would you want our country to have done if you were alive at the time?



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