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Little Hallingbury


Thank You Letters

Here is our letter from Mrs. Elaine Terry, thanking us for the welcome and questions she received.


Thank you SO much Stephen for such a lovely message! Hearing all your great comments make all that we do worthwhile. 


I adore speaking to the children & in my heart I always hope that if I can make a difference to just one child, then I’ve done well. 


The children in your class were extraordinary & a delight to speak to. Please thank them. 


I will definitely be in touch for next year & hope all goes well for the remainder of this academic year. 


Kind regards,



Here is our letter from Dawn Roche (co-ordinator of magistrates' visits), thanking us aslo:


I hope you don’t mind my contacting you. I am the overall coordinator for these visits in Essex and Elaine Terry has passed on your thank you for me to read.

I would really like to forward this on to the team in Essex if you wouldn’t mind. But more so I would like to get this if possible published in our Magistrates Magazine that is country wide. I think its really important for our colleagues to see how much impact these visits can have on a group, especially children.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dawn Roche JP
MIC Essex CoOrdinator.

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