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The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution - Final Task


LO to collate knowledge in order to review a topic


Possible topics:


1) Definitions: Define the Industrial Revolution. Compare it to other revolutions.

2) Events: What major events in British and World History took place during the Industrial Revolution?

3) Inventions: What significant inventions came from the Industrial Revolution?

4) Technology: How did technology change during the Industrial Revolution?

5) Experiencing Change: What was it like to live during this time? How did life change?

6) Impact: What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on people and on society?

7) Impact: What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on specific issues, such as the environment, education, child welfare, rights and equality, scientific knowledge, faith and belief etc.?

8) Evaluation and Justification: Was the Industrial Revolution a 'good thing'? Why?

9) Evaluation and Justification: Would you have liked to have lived during the Industrial Revolution? Why?

10) Evaluation and Justification: Evaluate the Industrial Revolution by comparing it with other times and events in history?  How significant do you think the Industrial Revolution was?

11) Evidence: How do we know about the Industrial Revolution? How good is the evidence?

12) People: Who were the famous figures of the Industrial Revolution? Why were they famous? 

13) Places: Which were the most significant places in the Industrial Revolution? Why?

14) Lessons: What can we learn today by studying the Industrial Revolution?

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