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Little Hallingbury


The Passion - Sand Art

L.O. to analyse a response to a religious story


SC1) I look for events and images I recognise.
SC2) I attempt to explain some of the things I recognise.
SC3) I ask questions about meaning.
SC4) I make suggestions about how people feel when responding to religious ideas.
SC5) I show understanding of differing beliefs and attitudes towards religion.
SC6) I comment on my own spiritual responses as well as those of others.


Please watch the video 'The Passion - Sand Art', available below. Take some time to watch it. You might want to watch it more than once, stopping to look at what images are created.


On the Lime Class forum, please answer these questions. For 'Trickier' and 'Trickiest' go into greater depth, seek to ask and suggest possible answers to your own questions and comment on how the ideas and images that come to your mind when watching this video are relevant to our lives nowadays.


1) What images can you see in the art work?
2) When does the music change? How does it change? What effect does this have?
3) Suggest feelings the viewer of this art might have.
4) What is the story behind this art? If you don't know, come up with suggestions. If you think you know, evaluate how well the artist communicates the story.

5) What messages might you take from the story that is being told here.


Please get involved in the discussion on the forum.

The Passion - Sand Art

Still image for this video
This is a video of a live performance of an artist creating images in sand. The theme is the Passion of Christ.

I suggest you watch this full screen with the sound turned up. It is more atmospheric when watched in a darker place.
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