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Add and Subtract Fractions - Lesson 4 (IXL)

Adding and Subtraction Fractions - IXL


L.O. to add and subtract fractions in various contexts


This work is expected to take place over a few lessons.




Please see the table below for work for 'Tricky', 'Trickier' and 'Trickiest'.


'Trickier' represents the standard Year 6 work. If you need support with this, use teacher input if possible. If there is no teacher input available while you work, try the 'Tricky' section.


If you find you work through the tasks in 'Trickier' quickly - or if you have previously mastered them - please look at the options for 'Trickiest'.



MODG Maths - Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson 4 (IXL) - Part 1 - Introduction and K.1 and K.10

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