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Compare and Order Fractions by Numerators

Please Note:

This page has been made available before I intend teaching the lesson to the class to allow for differentiation - children who have made quick progress on previous lessons may work on the tasks in advance. Please bear in mind there will be no video lesson until the class is ready to work on it.

Compare and Order Fractions - Lesson 1 - Numerators


LO: to compare and order fractions


Success Criteria:


SC1: I know that when the numerators of two fractions are the same, the fraction with the smaller denominator will have a greater value;

SC2: I identify and calculate common factors;

SC3: I identify and calculate common multiples;

SC4: I find simpler equivalent fractions by cancelling/reducing (dividing numerators and denominators by common factors);

SC5: I find more complex equivalent fractions by multiplying numerators and denominators by common multiples;
SC6: I use equivalence to compare fractions.




Tricky: Work on this unit with the video lesson to help, once it has been uploaded (either 19th or 20th January).

Trickier: Start this work independently of video or Zoom lesson support.

Trickiest: -




1) Watch my teaching introduction video (once it has been prepared).

2) Work through the tasks below, marking your own answers.

3) Record your work on the relevant DB Primary forum.

4) Use me as your teacher to help you understand questions and learning you find harder.

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