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Compare and Order Fractions - Lesson 0

Comparing and Ordering Fractions - Lesson 0

NB - This is titled Lesson 0 as I have placed it before Lesson 1 in the sequence but had already uploaded parts of Lesson 1, which had been attempted by some children.


LO: to compare and order fractions


Success Criteria:


SC1: When denominators are the same, I compare and order by numerator;

SC2: When denominators are different, I convert to equivalent fractions with the same denominator first, before comparing;

SC3: I multiply numerators and denominators by the same amount to find equivalent fractions;

SC5: I identify and use common multiples;

SC6: I identify and use common factors.




Tricky: Work first on section A if needed, aiming to attempt section B.

Trickier: Work on section B.

Trickiest: Work on section C but also check whether there are questions on section B that you also should cover.




1) Watch my teaching video first. 

2) Work on the tasks (available below) either independently or with examples on video and/or Zoom lessons.

3) Mark your answers first and record your work on the correct DB Primary forum.

4) Identify the questions you have found harder in order to ask me for input.

MODG Maths - Comparing and Ordering Fractions - Lesson 0

Still image for this video

As the questions are hard to read, I have taken screen captures from the video, which covers most of the questions:

Target Maths - Page 43

Answers - Target Maths - Page 43

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