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Equivalent Fractions - Lesson 2

Equivalent Fractions - Lesson 2


LO: to calculate equivalent fractions


Success Criteria:


SC1: I recognise that equivalent fractions have the same value;

SC2: I quickly recall and spot common equivalent fractions;

SC3: I identify and calculate common factors;

SC4: I identify and calculate common multiples;

SC5: I find simpler equivalent fractions by cancelling/reducing (dividing numerators and denominators by common factors);

SC6: I find more complex equivalent fractions by multiplying numerators and denominators by common multiples.




Tricky: Before attempting this work, use the 'Extra Input' lesson and questions to follow up Lesson 1.

Trickier: Select which questions to work through here. Fully explain your answers.

Trickier: Complete all the questions here, fully explaining your answers.




1) Watch my teaching introduction video. You might also want to use the Maths Is Fun link I have added below.

2) Work on the task of your choice (see above and below).

3) Record your work on the new DB Primary forum.

4) Use me as your teacher to help you understand questions and learning you find harder.

MODG Maths - Equivalent Fractions - Lesson 2 and Lesson 1 Extra Input

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Fluency and Application


Question 1)



Question 2



Reasoning and Problem Solving



Question 3)


Question 4)


Question 5)


Question 6)


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