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Fractions on a Number Line - Lesson 1

Fractions on a Number Line - Lesson 1


LO: to place and identify fractions on a number line


Success Criteria:


SC1: I count the number of intervals on a number line;

SC2: I identify the range between two points on a number line;

SC3: I calculate the size of each interval by dividing the range by the number of intervals;

SC4: I apply the size of intervals to calculate points on a number line;

SC5: I do this for fractions;

SC6: where necessary, I convert equivalent fractions.




Tricky: Use the video and Zoom lessons to work through example questions together.

Trickier: Work independently on this lesson.

Trickiest: Move on independently to future lessons in the progression.




1) Watch my teaching introduction video. 

2) Work on the tasks (available below) either independently or with examples on video and Zoom lessons.

3) Mark your answers and record your work on the correct DB Primary forum.

4) Use me as your teacher to help you understand questions and learning you find harder.

MODG Maths - Fractions on a Number Line - Lesson 1 (White Rose)

Still image for this video

Watch this self-assessment video first.

Still image for this video

Please watch the self assessment video first. If you assess yourself as needing to work more on simplifying fractions, please take this lesson, otherwise carry on with the tasks below.


The tasks below have been set for you to work independently on - with questions and answers available. There is no separate teaching video for this yet. I will make a video when the class as a whole is ready for this lesson but am making the resources available to anyone who is already very confident with previous work.

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