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Little Hallingbury


L.O. to calculate the area of rectilinear shapes

IXL Links


L.O. to calculate area


Trickier: These exercises are your starting points:


CC.3 Area of squares and rectangles

CC.5 Area of compound shapes



Tricky: If you would like support, try these activities first to 'ramp up' to the main class work:


X.5 Find the area of figures made of unit squares

X.9 Find the area of squares and rectangles


Trickiest: If you find you master Tricky, these are enrichment/extension tasks:


EE.3 Area of squares and rectangles

EE.7 Area of compound figures

AA.2 Area of rectangles and parallelograms


Please only attempt 'Trickiest' if you have already mastered 'Trickier'.

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