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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

You may choose to complete Task 1a and/or Task 1b


Task 1a - Appraise 


L.O. to appraise art and design


1) Look carefully at the propaganda posters on the previous page. These are shared as a slideshow with no note and also as a video with notes. For the video, to read the notes please pause where needed. The posters and information come from the Imperial War Museum. You can find more information here.


2) Comment on some or all of the posters. What message are they trying to communicate? How much does each poster use words and how much does it use images? How are colours used - similarly or differently - in each poster? Is there anything that all posters have in common? Who do you think the posters are aimed at? How effective do you think they are? Why? Which posters do you like or dislike the most? Why?


Task 1b - Imitate and Create


L.O. to imitate a style in order to create a new design


Influenced by the style or styles of poster you have seen, create your own poster. Your poster should be in the general style of the 1940s, so colours shouldn't be too bright. Choose to support a message from one of these posters or a message that you think would work to deal with Covid-19.

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