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Little Hallingbury


Task 1

Task 1


L.O. to consider rights and duties


As people, children and adults all have rights, according to many different national and international laws and agreements.


Many people also believe that children and adults have duties.




What do you think 'rights' are? What does the word mean? What does it mean to have a right to something? Can you think of examples of rights that you believe children and/or adults should have?


What do you think 'duties' are? Can you think of examples of duties that you or other people have?




When answering 'Tricky' also comment on the similarity and difference between rights and duties. How do they compare with each other? Do you think we need rights? Do we need to have duties? Do we need both? Evaluate rights and duties. Do they matter? If so, why?




When answering 'Trickier', start to weigh up and make a judgement as to what you think is most important, having rights or having duties? Are there times when these things conflict with each other? What do you believe is best, rules and laws that are based around having rights or rules and laws based around duties? Why?

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