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Little Hallingbury


Task 2

Task 2a

Please look at pages 1 and 2 above. Please write your answers in the Lime Class forum on DB Primary.


Question 1) How does this picture make you feel? Trickier/Trickiest: What effect does the illustrator want to have on the reader? How is the illustrator trying to achieve this?


Question 2) Read the first page. What do you think was happening in London at that moment in time?  Use evidence from the text to support your ideas. Trickier/Trickiest: How does what was happening in the picture compare to what had happened to London in the past?


Question 3) Which words help the reader to understand what kinds of sounds (onomatopoeia) were being heard in London at this time?


Question 4) At what time of day were the bombings taking place? 

Task 2b

Please look at pages 3 and 4 above.


Question 5) What word choices does the author use to show that the family was afraid? Trickier/Trickiest: Comment on the word choice. Would you have chosen the same words or different ones? Why?


Question 6) What was Lenny holding? Why was it special to him?


Question 7) What had happened to Dad?


Question 8) What does the text suggest that a Lion symbolises? Trickier/Trickiest: Comment on this symbolism. Do you agree with it? Justify this choice of symbol or suggest an alternative.


Question 9) How did Dad make his letters interesting for Lenny to read? 


Question 10) What does ‘stood’ mean in this context?


Question 11) Based on the pictures, what sort of relationship do you think Lenny has with his mum? Trickier/Trickiest: Justify your answer.

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