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Little Hallingbury


The Lion and the Unicorn - Narrative

Text: The Lion and the Unicorn

Author: Shirley Hughes


You will find scans of this book on this page and also on the Lime Class community at DB Primary. 


This text has been chosen for a few reasons.


1) It links very well with our theme for the term, is a quality text and has excellent illustrations.
2) Pre-existing materials to go with it were available on TES, which I have adapted for Lime Class.
3) It is a relatively short, relatively simple text, which will make it more manageable for remote learning.


Please look at the tasks for each lesson. Record your answers on the DB Primary forum, in the Lime Class community.

Task 1

Task 1) L.O. to predict



Look at the front cover. Make a prediction about what the book will be about. Explain why you have made this prediction.



In addition to trickier, go into more detail. Aim to explain everything you can see in the illustration. For anything you are unsure about, make suggestions or ask questions.



In addition to trickier, compare this cover with other front covers of books. How is it similar and different? What does the front cover of a book aim to do and how?

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