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Little Hallingbury


Task 8

Task 8








Question 39) What examples can you give, from the book, to show that Lenny felt isolated and intimated?


Question 40) Can you give examples of how Lenny then felt comforted? Try to refer to Nelly and Tom in your answers.


Question 41) How do Lenny’s perceptions of Tom De Vass change as he gets to know him?


Question 42) How does the author use suspense towards the end of the book to describe how Lenny tries to return to London? Use examples from the text.


Question 43) What is the climax of the story? What helped Lenny to get over his fear?


Question 44) What symbolism was found for the unicorn at the end of the story?


Question 45) Describe how the story ends.


Question 46) How does the character of Lenny change from the start of the book to the end? Use the text to support your answer.

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