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Little Hallingbury


Lesson 1

LO 1: to simplify fractions


Success Criteria:


SC1: I know what a factor is and I don't mix factors up with multiples;

SC2: I list factors and look to find common factors;

SC3: I find the highest common factor;

SC4: I divide the numerator and denominator by the highest common factor.




Tricky: Work on Section B to start with. If you find this harder, move on to Section A. 

Trickier: Work on Section C to start with. If you find this harder, move on to Section B or A.

Trickier: Work through Section C to check your understanding. Then produce an explanation to teach others how to simplify fractions as an extension.




1) Watch my teaching introduction video. You might also want to use the Maths Is Fun link I have added below.

2) Work on the task of your choice (see above).

3) Mark your work as you go.

4) Use me as your teacher to help you understand questions and learning you find harder.


Simplifying Fractions Virtual Lesson

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Pages 40-41 Target Maths


Lesson 1 Continued - Follow-Up


Please continue with Simplifying Fractions, from pages 40 and 41.


If you would like help, please be specific with what help would be useful. Tell me which question(s) and make sure you have watched, taken notes on and tried to use my previous video (higher up the page), which tells you about highest common factors.


I have added video lessons showing how to do some individual questions on Section B as examples.

Video Lesson - How to Simplify Fractions - Section B

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